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"Sarah's in-depth, sensitive and highly professional approach led us to discover an underlying problem which has troubled me for years.


I have no hesitation in recommending an initial consultation with Sarah and a course of treatment in order to establish the best way for you to assess and resolve your condition and improve your quality of life. Thank you!"

For those ready for a

transformational health journey



Incorporating nutri-genetic testing


Face-to-face and skype/phone

For those ready to learn how to

'nourish and nurture' their body




Face-to-face and skype/phone

For those in need of a short shape-up




Face-to-face or skype/phone

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It takes Guts to make life changes

"What is your

Gut telling

you today?"

Do you have a Gut feeling that you could improve your wellbeing, lift your mood, shape up and safeguard your health by taking a fresh approach

to your daily diet?


As you come to recognise the impact of your food choices on how you look and feel, you may find you need extra guidance to learn the latest in nutritional science, and support reconnecting with healthy habits in a manageable, meaningful and personalised way.


Gut Reaction would love to help.  Browse our site to find out how.


Registered nutritional therapist

& motivational health coach


"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah, her knowledge, compassion, friendliness and caring approach to help make people better is outstanding.  


Knowing that she is always there if I need anything is a great comfort and without her I wouldn’t have come as far as I have."

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Lab diagnostics:

Personalised wellbeing and weight programmes:

Happy Gut

Digestive health support:

Analysis and personalised support to help restore balanced and efficient digestion




Face-to-face or skype/phone

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Then join Sarah for a free 30-minute

Nutrition & Wellbeing Review

and discover if our approach

is right for you


Ready to take a step towards improving your wellbeing and creating a healthy diet and lifestyle that you'll love?

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Launching soon:

A new package is launching

October 2017


Watch this space for details



Provision of  detailed reports

establishing  current health status

to help map nutrition planning


Digestive health analysis & gut profiling

Genetic nutrition testing

Food sensitivity panels

Optimum nutrition evaluation

Hormone balance


Testing from £110

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What clients are saying

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